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About JBD Junior

JBD Junior is a subsidiary of the Jahangir Book Depot. A proud carrier of nearly a hundred years old legacy, the JBD Junior’s publishing operations fall into the following two distinct areas: children’s books and games. The Books Wing publishes school text-books and books such as story books, English readers, etc. for young learners. The Creative Wing of the JBD Junior publishes activity books, colouring books as well as books conceived and designed to specifically enhance the thinking and creative skills of pre-school children and young learners. It also develops games that, in addition to providing fun and entertainment, sharpen the thinking skills of children.

Our series of school textbooks has been developed in a mutually complementing manner. We take special care to ensure a logical progression not only within each book but also between the books. This means that each book in our series picks up from the point where the previous book has ended. Our books, thus, seek to ensure effective learning through a well-knit, graded approach.

The colouring books series is developed with the view to give the identification of colours in a light and fun manner. The distinct feature of this series is that each book is named after an animal. The idea is to inculcate knowledge about animals intuitively while the child also identifies the different colours. The same approach is followed in the activity books series.

The JBD Junior develops games with the same approach; fun and learning side by side. Our games include but are not limited to chess, Ludo (with its many variants), monopoly, ONO, puzzles, bowling games and scrabble. Most of our games come in exciting series giving the children a rich variety to choose from. Each game has its distinct features that add to its appeal.

Because of its commitment to excellence, the JBD Junior is growing in the market as a respected and recognized brand. Our dedicated teams of academics and 0professionals work hand in glove with the R&D Department to make us who we are; JBD Junior.

JBD Junior

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